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What AC Parts Require Air Conditioning Repair Orange TX Serives?

Even a well maintained air conditioner is going to need repair at some point of time. Some minor problems can be fixed with basic cleaning, lubrication or adjustment, but other problems require professional air conditioning repair Orange TX services. Call DODD Air Conditioning when you need professional level repair for your AC. We have expertise in repairing different types of air conditioners including windows AC, split AC, HVAC and central air conditioning units.


The condenser of the air conditioner should be kept clean. Clean the brush or grass around it. Remove anything that is interfering or blocking its moving parts. A dirty condenser requires only basic maintenance like cleaning. However, you should call professional air conditioner technician from DODD Air Conditioning if the AC condenser has developed a serious technical fault. The capacitor of the air conditioner may not be working. You may not have the expertise, tools and equipments to diagnose such a problem. Call our expert AC technicians to fix the capacitor problem. The condenser relay switch may require replacement if it is no longer working. The control board of the condenser can start malfunctioning due to various reasons. It may be in need of a replacement.


Our air conditioner technicians make sure any new part installed in your AC works well with the existing parts. If the AC motor is burned, you do not have any other choice than to replace it. We make sure the new motor installed in your AC is identical to the earlier motor. Installing a motor with a different specification can be disastrous. If something goes wrong, you will have to replace the whole air conditioner itself. Your investment on the new motor will be wasted. That is why you should always hand over such repair works to our professional technicians. They have extensive experience, expertise and training in the field of air conditioning repair Orange TX.


The damaged coil of the air conditioner can be fixed by cleaning it but if that does not solve the problem, it must be replaced. The process involves significant labor and time. We will help you find if your condenser coil is under warranty. Call on (409) 385-6739 for repair of any air conditioner part.