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Air Conditioning Repair Silsbee and Orange TX

AC Repair Service in Silsbee, Orange, TX, and Surrounding Areas

During the hot summer days and nights, the high temperatures can have adverse health effects. In fact, the heat can cause heat stoke in severe cases. Since almost every home and/or building has air conditioning nowadays, heat strokes are rare. If the AC unit breaks down, you may be forced to live in an unhealthy and uncomfortable environment. In the case of a business premise or office space, employee productivity will drop significantly as a result. To ensure you continue working or living in a comfortable environment, you will need AC repair services promptly. | Air Conditioning Repair Silsbee and Orange TX.

Our AC Repair Service

AC Repair Service in Silsbee, Orange, TX, and Surrounding AreasWe are a highly rated HVAC company with a lot of experience in the industry. Our technicians are NATE-certified and factory trained to handle major brands of air conditioning machines. This means we can repair any make and model of air conditioners. All you need to do is call us and we’ll fix the problem in no time. We offer warranties on workmanship and parts, so you do not need to worry about recurrence of the problem.

There are many types of AC problems you may encounter as a homeowner or business owner. The most common, however, is lack of cooling even when the machine is turned on. The main cause of this type of problem is a faulty thermostat, which fails to actuate the cooling process. Another possible cause of the problem is lack of refrigerant fluid in the compressor. To resolve the problem, our technicians will inspect the system for leaks and recharge the compressor. If you notice a lot of dust coming out of the AC system, the problem could be with the air filter, or dirty Ductwork. Filter replacement and duct cleaning can easily resolve this problem. We have the expertise, manpower and state of the art equipment needed to deal with all types of AC problems.

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