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AC Tune Up in Silsbee TX

AC Tune Up Service in Silsbee, TX and Surrounding Areas

Springtime brings more than blooms and the promise of new life.  It also signals the coming of warmer weather, for which every household should be prepared.  This means that spring is the perfect time to make certain that your air conditioner or heat pump is in proper working order by getting a thorough AC tune up. | AC Tune Up in Silsbee TX |

AC Tune Up Service in Silsbee, TX and Surrounding AreasThe proper annual maintenance of a cooling system goes well beyond simply changing the filter periodically. It will help the unit continue to operate at its peak and will help limit breakdowns and the need for expensive repairs. According to the government’s Energy Star program, there are a number of checkups that should be performed annually prior to starting the system up for the summer.

A competent and licensed contractor will know that a typical comfort system checkup should include the lubrication of all the system’s moving parts and the tightening of all electrical connections. These checks will improve the safe and efficient operation of the unit.

The thermostat also should be checked to ensure it is providing the correct level of comfort, while the system’s controls should be tested to make certain the system starts up and shuts down properly. A general comfort system checkup also should include inspecting the condensate drain for plugs. A clogged drain can lead to higher humidity indoors and even water damage to the house.

Procedures to be followed that are exclusive to an AC tune up include cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils and adjusting and cleaning the blower components. Dirty coils can increase energy costs and reduce the useful life of the unit, while problems with the airflow system can lower the unit’s efficiency by as much as 15 percent.

Finally, your contractor should be certain to check the refrigerant level of the central air conditioning system. Too little or too much will affect the unit’s performance, increase energy costs, and shorten the life of the equipment.

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