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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Service in Silsbee and Surrounding Areas

Many leading HVAC contractors recommend Indoor Air Quality as a way to help their customers provide a healthier indoor environment for their home. With most homeowners using their heating and cooling systems almost year-round, it’s not hard to see how your home’s Ductwork could end up trapping airborne pollutants that could lead to future health problems for your family.

Whether it’s pet dander, pollen or chemicals used in home products for cleaning, the air in your home carries these irritants while circulating through your HVAC system and ducts. Particles can become trapped in ducts and will eventually start to accumulate. Unfortunately, these irritants can then be dislodged and sent back out into the air that your family breathes.

Dodd Air Conditioning will be able to provide Indoor Air Quality Services as well as HVAC maintenance and equipment installation that will keep your heating and cooling equipment functioning at peak performance. Of course, this means more reliable heating and cooling as well as fewer repair bills and better energy efficiency. Give Dodd Air Conditioning & Heating a Call Today for find out more information on Indoor Air Quality for your home or business!