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The Air Conditioner Installation Beaumont TX Offers

Dodd Air Conditioning Co., Inc. are specialists in the heating, cooling and ventilation industry. They are certified to provide service to residential, commercial and new construction clients. The family owned business has been serving the Hardin County and surrounding areas since 1981. They believe in treating every client the way they would like to be treated and so you can always expect fair and transparent service from them. The company has insurance so you can deal with them with complete peace of mind.


Air Conditioner Installation Beaumont TX

When it comes to everything related to your HVAC unit, they are able to help you. The company specializes in installation, repair, tune up, replacement and repair of any HVAC system irrespective of brand, make and model. Dodd Air Conditioning Co., Inc. are experts in their field, so they are able to offer valuable advice on how to operate your HVAC system in order to maximize energy efficiency and keep it running in good working order. These tips will also give your HVAC system a longer life expectancy. Since all homes are different, you will need to have your home assessed by one of their skilled technicians who will recommend a type and size of HVAC unit that you need.


Their positive attitude is what has kept the business thriving throughout these years. According to studies, most HVAC units fail because of a buildup of dust and dirt, which basically means that these systems are not maintained. Dodd Air Conditioning provides a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program that will make sure the unit is clean. These inspections will also pick up on other minor issues that usually cause your unit to stop working. It is proven that HVAC units that are routinely checked and cleaned last 18% longer than those that are not checked at all.