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Benefits of a New Air Conditioner Installation Beaumont TX

An air conditioner may seem an expensive appliance and you may not want to install it. However, it is not only the cost that you have to consider when thinking about air conditioner installation Beaumont TX. There are many benefits of installing a new air conditioner in your home or office. We have all types of new air conditioner solutions for both residential and commercial requirements. DODD Air Conditioning’s expert AC technicians will help you choose right size air conditioner according to your needs and budget. Call now on (409) 385-6739 to schedule a visit.


Our goal is to ensure all rooms used for living and working in the Beaumont area have comfortable indoor environment for residents, employees, workers and visitors. Whether you are relaxing at home or working at office, we want you to feel cool and comfortable. Take advantage of new range of air conditioners to cool your rooms. We can install any type of air conditioner in any home, property or building. We are here to help you with all types of AC installations.


You will enjoy many benefits when you install a new air conditioner. Latest appliances carry higher energy saving ratings. You will see lower energy bills. Manufacturers provide excellent warranties. You can also buy additional warranties as per your specific needs and preferences. Ask for AC rebates if you are planning to buy more than one air conditioner. If you are planning to install air conditioning system in an office or commercial center, you can claim different types of federal tax credits. In fact, even a utility company will offer you rebate if you plan to use large size or multiple air conditioners. It means you do not have to worry about high costs of installing and running air conditioners.


We offer our own labor and installation warranties. The installation service is backed by reliable services from our trained and certified technicians. Consult us today on (409) 385-6739. There is no cost attached to the first inspection and assessment visit. The professional AC expert from DODD Air Conditioning will assess your requirements and provide you an affordable quote for air conditioner installation Beaumont TX.