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The Air Conditioning Repair Orange TX Receives

Your HVAC system keeps your home comfortable throughout the seasons. It is running constantly and there is a lot of pressure placed on this system, which is why it also needs TLC at times. It needs to be cleaned and inspected regularly to increase the life expectancy of the unit. According to Dodd Air Conditioning Co., Inc., a leading authority in the HVAC industry, 90% of units fail because they are not maintained. This also voids your warranty of the unit. By doing routine inspections, you ensure that you have a unit that is in top notch working condition, so you won’t ever be let down during those hot summer nights and or cold winter’s days.


Air Conditioning Repair Orange TX

There are times when you can do all you can to keep your system running effectively, but still it fails. It could be that the system was faulty to begin with or maybe it is just too old and has served its time. Replacement of HVAC units can prove to be costly, especially if you are not prepared for it. This is why at Dodd Air Conditioning Co., Inc., financing options are made available to clients who need it. Because times are tough, they offer flexibility and low monthly payments to enjoy that it is affordable for you.


There is no other company that offers as many promotions and special offers to clients. You also have access to a wealth of information on their website and blog, which will help you to use and operate your AC and heating unit appropriately. The company also believes in operating under full transparency with their clients. So reviews and ratings of technicians by customers are always requested to try and see what you think about their services and how they can improve on their products and customer care.